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Jules Dominique Pierre Saridaki was born on 15 February 1888 in Salonika.

Linda, Jules, Albert and Josephine


He was the second son of Jean Pierre Francoise Saridaki (1856-1899) and Josephine Weisskopf (1858-1923). Jules married Linda Korina Julia Neri (1887-1967) on 9 June 1912. Linda was also from Salonika.

YvonneLinda’s father, Alessandro (son of Pietro) Neri, was associated with the Allatini family in their brickworks. The Allatini brickworks (1888-1936) is adjacent to the area of Salamina between the roads M.Botsari-Delphon-Orestou and Androutsou. Jules was responsible for the transport of the products of the brickworks (tiles and bricks.)

Jules and his brother Pierre Saridaki were members of F.C. IRAKLIS, the first football team in Salonika, in the early 20th century and were included with Abbott & LaFont in the history of the football department. Jules and Linda had a daughter, Joanna Yvonne Josepha Saridaki (1913 - ....)

 [above Linda, Jules, Albert and Josephine]

Yvonne [see right] studied at the Greek-French School Kalamari and married Charles Brighenti 19 October 1936, a professor of the Italian School of Athens. In 1936 they moved to Rome. They had one son, Guido BRIGHENTI. Jules died on 15 June 1960 in Salonika.















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