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Antoine SaridakiAntoine, born in 1848 in Salonica, was the son of Emmanuel Saridakis and Fanni (Epihania) Gliubich.

Small text extracted from the book of John Karatzoglou : ‘The Imperial Ottoman Bank in Salonica the first 25 years - 1864-1890’, shows that he is mentioned as “The second Greek employee“ of the branch recorded in the files. His personal file, No. 23, reveals his first name, which was Antoine. Born in Salonica in 1848, he was married and had four children. His references came from the fact that “he also served the Ottoman Bank in the past, during a period of five years” before his formal recruitment “under R. Rogetti”(?). He spoke French, Italian, Greek, and Turkish, he was an acceptable correspondent in Greek, and he was trustworthy. He was thirty-eight when he entered the service as a dispatcher at a salary of 48 T.P. [Turkish Pounds] in 1886.

His salary was increased to 114 T.P. in 1889, and remained so until 1890. A small bonus was granted to him in 1888. Saridaki’s salary reached a level of 144 T.P. in 1892, but four years later he resigned, in October 1896".

We must now discover in what town Antoine worked for the Ottoman Bank during 5 years (before Salonica branch which did not exist)

This is just a small part of his career. We know that Antoine had a degree of "mines engineer". He was the grandson of Marie-Canella Abbott and the Abbott family owned and exploited some mines of pyrite and/or corundum in Isvore (today'sl Pigi). We may suppose, but this it to be verified, that the rest of his professional life was turning around the Abbott mines.

Antoine marries in 1877 in Salonica Adèle Dobrowolska. The couple will give birth to nine children, five of whom will reach the adult age:

  • Alphonse (see topic) who will marry Emilie Rossi, daughter of Paolo Rossi (see topic),
  • Marie who will marry Spiridion Tsavalas (whose name will be franchised to Zavalla),
  • Claire who will marry Camille Caude,
  • Paqueline who will marry Pierre Picat 
  • Henri who will marry Germaine Milekitch

Antoine dies in 1918 in Salonica





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