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To be noted (for those who can read Greek !): he signs Saridakis

The final "s" disappears at the birth of his children


 Emmanuel for the time being is at the top of the family tree. But we are confident that the small bottle will allow us to proceed along this branch also ...

He was born in Candia (indicating both the city of Heraclion and the entire Crete island) around 1820. We are not aware of the precise time and the reasons why his steps led him to Salonica to be a Greek merchant.

There he marries Fanni (Epiphania) Gliubich, daughter of Pietro (see topic) in 1848 ... at home because he is orthodox and his wife catholic. The marriage is celebrated by father Dunari, priest of the catholic mission after having received the exemption for cult disparity from the archbishop of Petra and the  patriarcal vicar of Constantinople. Curiously the name of his parents do not show on the parish act, contrary to thoses of the bride which are duly noted.

The cople will give birth to five children:

  • Antoine (1849) who will marry Adèle Dobrowolska, daughter of Conrad (see topic),
  • Marie (1852) married with Henri Luthi; after having become widow she marries Edouard d'Andria,
  • Rose (1854),
  • Jean Pierre François (1856) who marries Joséphine Weiskopf and
  • Elise (1858)

By deduction we suppose that Emmanuel Saridakis dies between 1858, birth year of his latest child, and 1897, when his wife Fanni, noted as "widow", dies.

Unfortunately we did not find the act of his death in the registers of the catholic parish notwithstanding our efforts. Maybe he died in anoter town or his death has been recorded in another orthodox parish but ... which one ? For the same reason we are not sure that his spoils have been buried at the St Vincent de Paul cemetery together with the rest of his family.

In the end, as you understand, nothing helps us in the research of Emmanuel: no precise bith place nor date, no indication of his parents, no place or date nof his death. The task seems to be hard !

Row little bottle ...



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