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Hugo Saridaki was born on 14 October 1891 in Salonica. His father is Jean Pierre Francois (see topic) and Josephine Weisskopf (1858-1923). He studies at Le petit Lycee Français in Salonica and speaks eight languages (French, Italian, Turkish, German, Armenian, Hebrew, Serbian, Greek).

He becomes Chief Accountant at the "Tramways et d'Eclairage Electrique de Salonique". He is also involved in the mining industry in Halkidiki (Sikia and N. Triglia) but due to the economic crisis of 1929-1933 his finances are completely destroyed (meantime he had left the Electric Company).

He marries Elizabeth (Eliza) Hadjinikolaou (1896-1956), daughter of Demetrius and Myrsini Filippou. Demetrius HADJINIKOLAOU was from a Salonican shipowner family (they owned a schooner). He works as senior engineer at the brewery Carolos Fix at Bechtsinar in Salonica. His mother-in-law, Myrsini Filippou was from Peristera, a village located 30 km from Salonica.



Hugo and Eliza had four children:

  • Jean Joseph Albert (1917-1944)
  • Henri (1922-2002)
  • Joseph Jules Pierre (1924-2007)
  • Pierre Georges (1927-2003)


 During the German occupation (1943-44) Hugo and his son Jean (Nino) were deported in Germany (Frankfurt) where Jean was killed.

He died in 1947, following a troubled life with his wife Eliza, the economic disaster but manly because of the death of his firstborn son.






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