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Ulysse SummaULYSSE, a fatal name for living near Mount Olympos !

Ulysse was born in 1866 in Buca (Smyrna : now Izmir). Summa family was coming from Scutari (Albania). He is the son of Giuseppe Summa and Marie Adèle "Adélaïde" Summa, daughter of Antonio and Catherine Apack. Surprising ? Actually not. The father of Giuseppe, Matteo, is the brother of Antonio, father of Adélaïde. Shortly, a normal marriage between cousins.

The Summa family seems to be original of Trieste, then developed and spread in the East, a branch in Constantinople, another in Smyrne. Giuseppe, his father, is a tradesman.

Ulysse is sent to France, more precisely to Lyon, to carry out his studies. He comes back with a literary degree in his pocket, obtained in 1884. He gets a job at the Régie des Tabacs Ottomans and starts his carreer first in Smyrne, then in Salonica where he meets his future wife Clotilde Rossi, daughter of Paolo Rossi (see topic), in 1912. They will give birth to two children in Salonica: Antoine and Raymonde, then a third daughter named Iva in Smyrne where the family has settled around 1920.

Due to the political instability of those times in the European Turkey, Antoine is sent to France where he gets shelter at the école des Pères Blancs in Fontainebleau. There a brother of Giuseppe is a priest. He will remain there until grown up.

Ulysse and Clotilde will finally move to Istanbul where they seem to have been living until the end. The precise date of their death is not known.

LAST MINUTE : we know now that Clotilde is died and buried in 1942 in Istanbul (catholic cemetery of Ferikeuy). But nothing about Ulysse....



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