le famiglie

Jean Pierre Francois Saridaki was born on 21 June 1856 in Salonica.

He is the son of Emmanuel Saridakis, from Candia (Crete), and Fanni Francoise Gliubich (1813-1897) from Salonica. Jean Pierre marries Josephine Weisskopf (1858-1923) from Kupferberg, Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire, today called Medenec, Czech Republic.

Josephine was the daughter of Daniel Weisskopf and Theresia Kupperscmidt. Jean Pierre was a merchant and traveled constantly in the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary. He build up the house in the Rue de la Campagne of Salonique, the current Vassilissis Olga in the area of Salamina.



Jean Pierre and Josephine had eight children:

  • Fanny Theresia Maria (1882-1884)
  • Emmanuel (1883 -)
  • Marie Therese Carolina (1886-1950)
  • Jules Dominique Pierre (1888-1960)
  • Therese Josephine Dominique (1889-1894)
  • Hugo (1891-1947- see topic)
  • Albert Oscar Edmond (1894-1982)
  • Pierre Joseph Jean (1896-1962)








Jean Pierre was killed in a gunfight in Uskup, in Macedonia, today's Skopije (FYROM), at the age of 43 and was buried on 31/7/1899 in the family grave "FAMILLES GLIUBIC, SARIDAKI" in the Catholic cemetery of Salonica.




         Josephine Weisskopf Saridaki

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