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Enrico Wessely

Enrico was born in Trieste the day of "ferragosto" (August 15th) in 1827.

He is the youngest of the five children of Giuseppe and Elena Vianello, twelve years younger than Clarissa, the oldest sister. At the age of 34, at the death of the father, he becomes partner of the firm "Wessely and Fesch" together with his younger cousin Christian Adolf Fesch (the son of his brother-in-law Gustav Adolf Fesch, who had died eight years before at the age of 49 during an epydemy of smallpox). The seat of the firm is in Piazza Gadola (former Piazza Nuova, today Piazza della Repubblica) n. 816, 2nd floor (most probably the family residence).

The business however must not go well as before: after only four years the firm stops the payments and starts a bankruptcy process. After the liquidation of the firm "Wessely & Fesch", in 1867 Enrico becomes partner, together with the baron Carlo de Rittmeyer of another enterprise, named "Deposito Farine S.p.A. Molini a Vapore di Budapest a Trieste, Triester Niederlage der Ersten Ofen-Pester Dampfmûhlen Aktien Gesellschaft", daughter company of a Hungarian flour mill).This company operates until the 31st December 1881.

During all these years Enrico is City delegate, then member of the Council of Trieste and of the local Chamber of Commerce.

At a certain time (1881 ?), Enrico moves to Graz, in Austria. In the Town archives there is a mention dated 2nd June 1896 to the firm Heinrich Wessely, Graz.

In a letter written by his wife, Emma Colliud from Graz to her relatives in Belgium dated 30th November 1893 "nous vivons comme des anes, ne sortant plus au théâtre ou en société, seulement une fois par semaine je organise une partie de wisth (sic) Henry y joue, l'hiver il ne sort plus guère." [we live like donkeys, no longer going out for a theatre or for a visit. Just once a week I organise a game of Whist. Henry plays, during the Winter he doesn't go out at all].

He dies in Graz in September of the same year. His spoils rest in Trieste, in the family grave.

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