le famiglie

Berthelemy Abbott


The first Abbott who settles in Salonica is Barthélémy Edouard in 1771, after many years spent in  Constantinople to help his brother Jasper at the trading firm. He creates the local English Levant Company, already existing in other Levant countries.



Together with his wife Sarah Anartary, born in Angora, have many children. One of them, George-Frédérick, Marie-Canella et Anna George-Frédérick, around 1825, has the idea of trading in bloodsuckers and export them. Briefly he establish a monopoly, allowing him to start his fortunes. George Federic has many children with three different women. Among them Caroline-Sarah, who will marry François Paul Honoré Félix Lafont, son of the French doctor Robert called Babis who will marry Catherine Heraklides and John-Nelson called Djeckis who will marry Lydia Ascher (Greek version)


Marie-Canella get married with Pietro Gliubich, a tradesman whose father Antonio was coming from Ragusa. Pietro's mother, Elizabeth Abbott, is now the daughter of Jasper and then the niece of Barthélémy Edouard ! They will have many children. One of them is Fanni, who will marry Emmanuel Saridaki.

Anna marries Antoine Parsy, a French tradesman with whom she as a daughter, Catherine-Mathilde who in her turn will marry Joseph Phocion Lafont, another son of the doctror of the French community.

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