le famiglie

He is the son of Giovanni Niccolò and of Clara Pradel, born around 1798 in Salonica. He works together with his brothers in the family merchant firm "G. Vianello and Sons" managed by his brother Niccolò.

In 1827 the firm is the most important merchant house in Salonica trading silk, wool and grains with France, Italy and Germany.

Austrian EmpireIn 1834 Giorgio becomes vice-consul then consul of the Kingdom of Sardinia. One year later he is in Kavala where he is appointed vice-consul of Austria. He is partner together with Giovanni Wessely in another trading firm, separate by the one in Salonica.

In the year 1830 he marries Charlotte-Adèle Lafont, daughter of Gabriel Lafont, French doctor established in Salonica, and Marie Thérèse Bonnaud. They give birth to six children:

  • Clara who will marry Conrad Dobrowolski,
  • Marie Louise who will marry François Aslan,
  • Philomène,
  • Hélène,
  • Giovanni-Pasqual-Joseph who will marry Maria Gregoriadis,
  • Charles.

Giorgio and his wife Charlotte-Adèle die in Salonica in 1849 and 1850 one few months after the other following an "accident" which nature we ignore.


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