les lieux

Sant'Anna is the main cemetery of Trieste. It was inaugurated on 1st August 1825.

Tombs under the Arcades are the works of famous artists of those times, such as Giovanni Mayer (1863-1943), Gianni Marin (1875-1926), Giuseppe Sanmartino (author of the famous "Veiled Christ") and others.

The Wessely family grave is located in the old Arcades but, strange enough, it is one of the very few without any monument or other artifact, The obituary ephigraps are applied to the bare wall. This is a very peculiar situation, considering that the family was rather whealthy at the death of Giuseppe in 1861. A research made at the civic library of Trieste, looking into the books describing the monuments of this cemetery did not lead to any explication.

Another strange fact regarding our families is that no Fesch family tomb ever existed here. Moreover, there is no trace of Clarissa (née Wessely) Fesch's grave although is is sure that Clarissa died in Trieste, on 3rd June 1894. To be noted that her brother Enrico, who died two years later in Graz, has been buried here.


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